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Structured Cabling in UAE is On a Role

August 16, 2013


Your land-line links itself to the service provider through wires. Although people are getting tilted towards mobile gadgets, but still the craze for land-line connection is not over yet.

Telephone installation Dubai firms elaborate on some types of wiring solutions:-

Fiber optic (Structured cabling in UAE is on a serious role)

Fiber optic is the sturdiest wire that is known for its flexibility and endurance. The interior core is usually glass. Manufacturers apply two layers of coating. The second layer is thermoplastic that guards the coat beneath it. This double layering adds a lot to its endurance and strength. Telephone installation Dubai firms are cultivating more beneficial features for their offering.

Twisted pair wire

Cabling contractors in UAE have brought high-quality twisted pair wires. Popular for hassle-free installation and affordable price, these wires are the favorite of all industry players. The main wire is at the center. Four more wires camouflage the main wire (having a length of 22 gauge). Cabling contractors in UAE make such wires such a way that they cause least interference in data signals. They offer the safest means of transmitting current to land-line connections.

Coaxial ones

Manufacturers make use of copper to make these wires. Copper is a superb conductor of electric signals. Therefore, such wires offer superior data communication solution. Manufacturers cover copper with dense plastic material (usually thermoplastic or other good insulating materials). Manufacturers use Teflon as well to cover naked wires.

Avail them to bring a good future for your communication process. Structured cabling in UAE is on a serious role.


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