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Cabling Contractor Dubai Firms Talk on Troubleshooting Land-lines

August 13, 2013

Land-line connections are still ruling the arena of communication. One will find land-based connections in most households. Although they have superior utility value, but they offer a lot of problems to people. Here is a guide by Telephone installation Dubai firms on techniques to troubleshoot land-lines:-

It is important for users to become aware of the problem area. The Telephone installation Dubai firms offer wiring set-ups that make land-line connections active. These firms bring with them gray plastic box to the house of customer. The fix it to the side of a house. These networking firms divide the box into two parts. One is the customer part and the other is the utility part. Both these parts help in facilitating the land-line connection. Customers have the liberty to open their part. The utility part (part of the networking firm) has a special lock attached to it. This lock guards the interior from any tampering. Networking firms do not allow customers to open this part. It is advisable for customers not to tamper with this part. Networking firms fix a demarcation in a utility room wall or at the basement. If any problem occurs within this fixed point, then it is the networking guy’s responsibility to fix it without charging anything. However, if the discrepancy is beyond this point, then it is responsibility of customer to take care of it. At this point if someone wants to hire Fiber Optic company in UAE technicians for clearing the technical issue, he has to pay a meager fee for it.

Some technical issues are not very complex and do not pose much hassles. So, an untrained can handle it easily without consulting any technician. However, there are intricate problems that may baffle an untrained if he tries to solve them without any guidance. Here, lies the role of a professional expert (Cabling contractor dubai firms). Some of the common technical works include fixing a broken wire connection, replacing a jack, adding a jack and replacing a broken cover. The main problem that customers face in dealing with land-line is that they cannot find a point to start the search for trouble. Cabling contractor dubai firms guide their clients on ways to do troubleshooting properly.

Customer usually want to start from the demarcated point. They restrain their technical work to the customer part of the land-line junction box. If after connecting the plug-ins the land-line has a clear dial-tone, then clearly the problem lies inside the house. If the tone does not sound clear or has obfuscations, then it is the technical guy’s headache to fix it. Similarly, fixing of noisy tone, dead air or obstreperous connection, all fall on technical shoulders (Fiber Optic company in UAE).

Just call them in such cases and they will come at the door in no time. Land-lines have low voltage. However, it is advisable to customers to stay cautious while handling them in damp conditions. This is because an electrical shock can take away human life. For more details, visit the web pages of reliable networking firms.

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