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I am in a Love Affair with Cabling UAE

July 22, 2013


Caution:- The following is a letter from me to my wires. I have parted off with them. So the climate below is really blue and mournful. Read below at your own risk (It is advisable for anxiety disorder patients to avoid reading it).

Dear Wires,

Hope you are fine. It is taking me a lot of time to convince myself that you have left me. I can still recall those wire-full (pleasure-full) days of you and me. The very first day I met you, my PC problem got solved. Everything is still so fresh in my mind. I gave you to the mechanic guy and he hanged you all over my purple walls. You looked so pretty over my home walls.

Oh … the downloading speed was rocking after I hooked with you. It is you who made signals flow faster than my thoughts. My sweetie poo you enabled me to download my darling Hollywood movies within seconds. What? You think it is the web speed. Well, let me tell you my sweetheart that behind every successful broadband man there is definitely a wire woman (could I avert the adage). Anyway my point is that it the fine technical interior of your body that hiked my PC speed. As I write to you, my mind is hovering on the source where you came from. You know it baby. It is computer networking Dubai firms.

They made you so functional and brassy. Girl you are beauty with brains (I mean technical brains that make data signals go at lightning-speed). Will it become an exaggeration if I say that you are one of a kind? Hey … obviously not. After-all you are fiber. I mean fiber optic wire. You don’t lose anything while you are in your intermediary mode. Do you? Ah … I mean you don’t lose any data while transferring it from one terminal to another. Data lags were out of the question during our affair. I tried to contact your fellow mates via computer networking Dubai numbers. Just wanted to know if you are with them these days.

Every day I pray to God to bless you with a long life. Then, the next moment I think what a nincompoop I am. I forget about your endurance quality. After-all they (Data networking Dubai firms) wrapped you in thermoplastic. That is what makes you durable and sturdy as a rugged rugby player.

They (Data networking Dubai firms) worked like a scientist to make you technically efficient. I mean it is current, it is all about safety. Usually wires get overheated owing to poor quality. However, you could take even the devilish current loads over your body (luscious thermoplastic body).

Your voltage handling capacity is mind-blowing. By the way, I know where you are now. Currently, you are supporting computers of big wheels of the corporate vineyard. You got the eminent place that you always wished for. Here, I am in utter melancholy with my cordless PC (dysfunctional totally).

What? You think I am going to become outdated (technology wise). No dear. I have ordered another piece just like you from cabling UAE companies. Very soon I am also going to become a corporate leader (wire-full leader). Cabling UAE companies have promised me that they will turn me into one.

That’s it. I have broken-off with you. This was my last piece of talk with you. Bye forever.

Yours hatefully

Bill Gates

We all know what Bill Gates has achieved in his life. So let’s not challenge these telecommunication companies.

Author Bio: Abia Bariis an experienced writer having more than four years of experience in writing articles on various topics such as cabling UAE, computer networking Dubai, Data networking Dubai , Panasonic Dubai etc.

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