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Fiber Optic Cabling Dubai Has Given a New Dimension To The Telecom Industry

April 23, 2013

The advancement of technology has made the life of man better. Communication has also advanced with it, coming up with new inventions and technologies that makes communication better and easier, irrespective of physical boundaries. Furthermore, with these advancement, the Telecom industry has gained a new dimension that makes communication easier. Data cabling Dubai is an example of the advancement of technology in the Telecom Industry.

Fiber optic is used for transferring data using cables that consists of a bundle of grass threads that has the ability to transmit messages exerting a controlling influence onto light waves. These cables are used by the Telecom industry as it is better than the copper cables that were used earlier. The use of Fiber optic cabling has provided added security to data that is being transmitted as it is difficult to tap data that is being transmitted via these cables. Furthermore, these cables can be used for transmitting messages to a longer distance and requires no amplification. Moreover, these cables are safer as these are bad conductor of electricity and thus there is no risk of life for people handling it.

Earlier, the Telecom industry in United Arab Emirates (UAE), Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) was the only telecom service provider in the country. However, with the advent of Data Cabling Dubai and fiber optic cabling Dubai, many companies are there today, offering telecom services. As networking and telecommunication have become part and parcel of people’s life, it has become essential to have a standard data transfer mechanism. Data transfer in large organisations and industries take place using Fiber optic cables. Misurata Networking Installation is a company in UAE that deals with fiber optic cabling Dubai and is one of the foremost companies in the telecom industry. With their quality services, it has gained immense popularity in the recent years for providing first-rated solutions for data cabling Dubai.


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