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Fiber Optic Installation and Telecommunication Services

April 9, 2013

Fiber optic is widely used in data and telecommunication networks. There are many advantages of fiber optics, which has attracted the attention of users around the globe and Dubai Telecom industryis no exception. The main advantage of fiber optics is that it’s not susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). EMI interferes with the signal and can corrupt the data that is being transferred. Today, as the world moves on to digitalisation, there is a constant need of protecting the data from harmful effects of electromagnetic interference. Cables like Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) use twisted wires to deal with magnetic field generated by each wire and a protective sheath to reduce the effect of EMI. However, as signals in fiber optic cable are carried in the form of light, it is not susceptible to EMI. However, this also results in a higher installation cost as compared to copper wiring. When compared to other wired cabling, fiber optic supports higher data transmission rates with lower signal attenuation to allow connection between distant sites.

 The benefits of fiber optic, as mentioned above, are huge but fiber optic cabling and its installation also requires skilled technicians. To cater to such needs, there are many companies in the field of fiber optic UAE. Such companies provide communication infrastructure solutions to their clients. The best endeavour is to design a network that offers redundancy and a high data throughput for increased productivity. A team of experts work closely with the client as per the requirement to get the best cabling infrastructure. The team also ensures that project undertaken in completed on time and within budget. Fiber optic acts as a backbone to interconnect remote floors, offices and switch blocks within a campus, in order to meet the demands of voice and data traffic.

A robust telecommunication network will ensure proper intra-department and inter-department communications in a company. It also ensures that customers are able to easily reach company executive and vice-versa. There are multiple companies is Dubai Telecomindustry, which offer their range of solutions to integrate phone systems, people and IT infrastructure for enhancing the productivity while keeping a close eye on the cost. The sole goal here is to analyse the communication needs and then provide the best solution.

The telephone systems like PBX phone system can be implemented in the organisation for advantages like computer integrated telephony, PC phone and PC operator console, digitally enhanced cordless phones and monitor as well as archive all calls in the company. Small and medium-sized businesses can opt for Avaya IP office business phone system for effective communication between employees, customers and vendors.

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