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Integrating Connectivity Between Structured Cabling

April 1, 2013

In today’s world, one can not ignore the relevance of companies who primarily deal with the sophisticated work of installing cables to create a communication network as per clients requirement. In fact, due to demands for a network with high data (voice, data, etc) throughput, companies who marvel at providing services for communication infrastructure solutions have also emerged in the market. These companies have a skilled task force to cater to varied needs and provide a comprehensive range of solutions while conforming to international standards.

Among the best network design comes the fibre optic cabling Dubai that supports high speeds for faster data and voice transmissions. The fibre optic cabling is not prone to electromagnetic interference. So, data integrity is maintained. Moreover, due to low attenuation, it can provide a high speed backplane to connect distant sites. This is not possible with other cabling types like UTP (unshielded twisted pair) due to higher attenuation and susceptibility to electromagnetic interference. Fibre optics cabling more often is used to form the backbone of the network that connects servers and distant sites. Today, lot of companies are switching their network to fibre optic cabling to avail benefits like faster speed, low latency and jitter for critical VOIP (voice over IP) traffic. Some even consider to have redundancy in the network as a measure to combat a sudden failure or natural calamity. This has also become quite important to ensure customers have access to critical service.

One also has to consider the phone services in a company. The telephone UAE has seen a rise is client’s request for building a network that takes care of the communication part of the company too. There are two types of communications that can happen, internal and external. Both need special equipments to be installed with redundancy to keep things going even during in between failures.


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