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A Pioneer In Telecommunication Services

March 2, 2013

We all know what Dubai was and what it has become. And what we can all tell is that the majority of growth that we see is because of the boom in infrastructure. But what many don’t see is that all that infrastructure means nothing without an able telecommunication service provider. We, Misurata, are advanced telecommunication solutions Dubai providers for many of those fancy buildings you see. The standards that we set are unparalleled, with the team of extremely skilled individuals working non-stop to maintain and repair a range of networks inside the city. We offer to our clients a quality management system designed to provide the most efficient and cost effective service maintenance.

We believe, in all honesty, that we can always improve and that learning never stops. Misurata tries to understand the precise requirements of its clients and helps them achieve what they want through the service that it provides. We do not only provide networking solutions, but also perform cabling and lay down fibre optic lines for freshly constructed buildings. In addition to that, we provide security systems, wireless connectivity, installation, diagnosis, emergency restoration and power quality management.

Telecommunication solutions in Dubai are not hard to find but quality at affordable prices can be a difficult combination to find. We, ourselves, are the solution to that problem. Cost-effective services are a rarity in today’s world, especially in Dubai, and we are more than reasonable with our pricing. We have under our belt some of the top clients and with the certification we have for some of the services we provide, we are right up there in networking solutions with some of the finest on this planet. Experienced individuals, who are experts in charting out plans and how to execute them for computer networking Dubai projects give Misurata an edge over its rivals.

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