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The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Sees Amazing Developments

February 28, 2013

Mobile World Congress, the world’s most extensive event of the mobile industry which showcases the latest applications of connected technology concludes today in Barcelona. The event saw a footfall of more than 60,000 and a launch of new products from Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony and Huawei.

As far as communication hardware products were concerned, products for vehicles which claim to provide stable wireless connectivity amid diverse environments were launched. These products have been said to work stably regardless of weather conditions, terrain, or reliability of power supply for installation in automobiles. That is some news for those who work in their cars more than apparently in their offices!

An amazing development here was the participation of Telecom companies from the UAE. It is imperative that the telecom UAE industry giants keep networking with the world clientele in such events. With such great upsurge in the business which companies get in Emirates, their strong skilled workforce must be tapped for growing markets. Technical strength, compliance to international standards, quality in output and rigor in documentation makes the telecom UAE companies ideal for business.

Companies like Misurata Telecom which has worked impeccably in network installation over the past decade have immense possibilities for contract work in the whole of UAE. Structural cabling masters produce infrastructural products in any company’s networking set up. Local Area Network and Wide Area Network set ups need proper knowledge for installation and maintenance. Administration of these networks becomes effective only when the documenting has been done in great detail. Looking out for such companies is a real winning act for the biggies in phone installation or for clients who seek such services.

To become a successful provider of structured cabling services, one must have complete knowledge of the latest devices like ethernet switches, routers, power over ethernet switches, firewalls, wireless access points, KVM switches, nics and adapters. Not only what the function of these devices is, but also how they function must be known or else one won’t be able to provide the services as effectively as a telephone UAE service provider does. This knowledge is also put to test when the cabling has to be shifted from one place to another, and losses have to be kept zero.

The companies which provide communication apps have a longer way to go in the business. It is imperative that they develop user friendly and quick apps which get popular easily. Apps which enhance communication are of categories: Enhanced Voice Messaging, Instant Messaging, Softphone, Third Party Database, CRM etc.

The telephone UAE market needs good and hardworking service providers and installation experts. With growing technologies hitting the market everyday, one must keep abreast with them and leave no stone unturned in creating newer opportunities for oneself to excel in the business. See you in the MWC!

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