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Telecom Companies On a Winning Ride in UAE

February 21, 2013

Telecom sector in the UAE is robust and ever growing. Effective project management and costing has led to amazing services to clients in this field. Plenty of services and products lead to empowerment of people with the telecom technology. 3G and 4G enabled services, communication technologies, voice and video calling, internet services, GSM/CDMA services and all type of hardware related to these services have changed the lifestyles of people. Naturally, the maintenance of these services is also a major area of performance for telecom engineers.


Panasonic Dubai has achieved significant customers due to the sudden demand in the communication industry. Local Area and Wide Area Network clients are no more the only users, but IP telephony and VoIP systems users are close followers too. Distribution systems being strong infrastructural equipment in communication, are getting more installations in developing locations. Increasing number of users are always under the threat of viruses and trojans. They also need protection from hacking and other internet threats. That’s why maintenance of firewalls and security appliances is also a key functional area in this industry. Data center projects need maintenance and upgradation. Server rooms need maintenance and restorations which need networking experts. For all these services and supports, the companies need to stay abreast with the latest technology, processes and maintenance schedules. Training of professionals is another essential requirement in this regard. Stiff competition leads to opportunities for growth but reduction in market share, if services are not delivered to utmost client satisfaction.

The installation of PBX/PABX Telephone Systems, Public Address Systems, Distributed antenna systems (DAS installation), WiMAX deployments at various public places, is a detailed vertical for telecom companies in UAE.

After installation comes diagnostic testing and maintenance. Effective testings on continuity of line and links, functional systems, patch cords, cable systems and apart from these, pre/post placement testings, OTDR tests, end to end insertion loss & attenuation are important tests which must be conducted to ensure standardized networking and performance. Naturally, skilled and qualified staff, reliable equipment and standard software is required to keep the work going. Comprehensive and error-free documenting of the audits and diagnostics gives standard to work. It also enhances the maintenance efficiency by reducing time spent in diagnosing again each time.

For maintenance activity, moving a line from one adress to another, or decommissioning/ de-installation and disposal of redundant cabling/equipment are major services required to be performed. Maintenance contracts must be programed and offered to clients. Emergency restoration support is an amazing service one can provide. Even the staff of the client (responsible for operating the system) can also be trained for emergency restoration and response mapping and planning. Power quality monitoring is a very strong maintenance extension a company can provide. The Power quality meter system is fantastic to keep a track on the efficiency of the power equipments. Variables like current, voltage, real/reactive power, power factor and frequency, energy use, cost of power are displayed and reported by industry-famous equipments.


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