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Reliable Fiber Optic and Data Networking Company in Doha

February 16, 2013

Data networking in Doha has risen by leaps and bounds because of the emerging markets, industries and residents in the city. More and more people come over to the city and establish businesses, join services, interact with each other and keep the economic ball rolling. Communication channels between rising number of people must be strong, effective and reliable. Misurata Networking Installation LLc is a well established and reliable brand in telecommunication services and projects.

Planning, scheduling, installation and maintenance are our key deliverables in the field of fiber optics, Wireless Connectivity, Network Diagnostics, Emergency Restoration, System Design, Power Quality Monitoring, IT outsourcing and more. The importance of always delivering perfect services and equipment is the larger picture of growth and development of data networking in Doha.

As a Fiber Optic company in Qatar, we are aware of the changing dynamics – both of the country economy as well as of the world. Everyday new links of communication with the most advanced technology are needed. If we fall short, some other company will fill in the vacant space. To ensure that we perform our very best always, we train our staff and keep them motivated. Through contracts, residential engineers provision, auditing, our staff becomes well experienced and becomes resourceful to handle challenging projects.

With design excellence, we enable superior performance of our equipment. Certified and experienced engineers from around the world deliver quality which is equivalent to that existent in any corner of the world. The projects are always tailor-made to the clients’ requirements.

With on-site telephone & computer cable installations (a high-paying vertical even today!), we can potentially reach every individual in the town and are a preferred choice of clients due to quality in services and equipments.


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