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Dubai telecommunication- at par with the best in the world

January 30, 2013

The most affordable form of communication within an organization is through telephones. Whether it is to a building within the same city or in a different city, telecommunication is the essence of effective business communication. Dubai telecommunication is one of the leading providers of telephone networks in the world.

It is important that data networking services, both for telephones and computers, should be chosen from a reputed vendor. These vendors make sure that the lines installed by them provide maximum voice clarity, One of the companies that manufactures reliable telephone instruments is Panasonic Dubai. Phones made by them have several features, and are easy to use at the same time. Digitally enhanced cordless access through call managing, voice recording and archiving of calls is possible.

Prior to the beginning of any networking project, telecom experts and engineers conduct a survey of the site to understand the exact scope of the same. Based on the degree of work required, project targets are set. Networking companies provide structured cabling solutions, supplies and materials and different safety measures for the client. Different cabling solutions such as Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A are offered by these recognized networking companies.

In case of emergency outages, reputed Dubai telecommunication companies provide restoration services 24 hours a day. Customer service facility is available for facilitating speedy repair jobs. Temporary cable placement and splicing can be done for carrying out a complete system restoration. These companies have expert manpower to install high speed fiber opting networks in the most challenging conditions.

Network installation companies also provide design and consultancy services for wireless systems, LAN systems, IP telephony, VoIP and other security appliances. Technical resources can be provided for each of these different types of networks. For help in deciding the type of solutions that would be suited for one’s business, it is advisable to get help from these consultants.

Various services offered by recognized Dubai telecommunication companies include installation and maintenance of voice, video & data technologies. Technology is not limited only to telephones. Assistance is provided at every step of the design-build process.

Companies providing Panasonic UAE services continuously search for innovations in the field of technology. Such companies also believe in offering value added services which include warranties that can be extended up to 15 years. Custom color codes and locking connector solutions are also available for large companies.

Day to day I.T. support and services for the computer and telecom department can also be provided by these companies. Support is offered for small, medium and large enterprises. Queries for end-users are provided by this I.T. support department of Panasonic UAE companies. In other words, I.T. management services are personalized for every organization.

Cabling structures and active equipment should be documented, so that continuity of services can be tracked. This documentation should be provided upon completion of the project. Since the networking constantly grows as per size of the business, documentation would make it easier to locate a possible fault, so that minimum time delay takes place.


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