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Big brother is watching- through a spy pen

November 17, 2012

Over the years, the popularity of reality shows has greatly increased, with many being created every year. A major reason for this is the attraction for voyeurism, which has slowly been endorsed by various channels. The technology used to create these shows are various spy shop cameras, which can be fitted in places such that these are untraceable Activities of celebrities are recorded over several days in an enclosed premises. People wish to see how these celebrities behave in their daily lives, and this is what drives the high TRPs of such shows.

A certain element of negativity has been associated with the use of such secretive cameras. Footage that persons do not wish to air is often shared without consent. This is often used for investigative reporting, where journalists make use of a spy pen, to secretly record malpractices of politicians, criminals and others. It is said that the freedom of the press is often misused by such investigative activities, but the press begs to disagree.

A spy pen can be easily carried in the pocket, without getting noticed. Individuals would think that the camera is actually a normal pen. However, care must be taken to make sure that these cameras are not sold to unscrupulous buyers.

It is said that entertainment and news channels make inappropriate use of technology to promote their channels, without bothering about the culture and the sentiments of people in the country. However, both parties argue, stating that only what truly happens in society is being depicted. But this matter is surely an endless debate, for which many different views are available.

However, there are many benefits of cameras which are bought from a spy shop. Shops have CCTV cameras, through which any theft activities can be recorded. It also becomes easier to spot the culprit, in case of suspicious activities. Such spy shop cameras are also installed in cyber cafes, so that users do make inappropriate use of the cafe and the Internet.

Another interesting area of use for spy cameras is for capturing footage of marine activity. A wireless CCD underwater cam with video recorder can be used, to record underwater activities. One can also understand how fishes breathe and bite by lowering this camera into aquariums. In addition, after returning from enjoyable adventure trips, fun can be recollected by capturing footage and connecting the camera with a TV.

In different companies across the world, data theft is a relatively new problem that has crept up. This has been due to the wide availability of data on computer hard disks, and the usage of pen drives to capture this. Most I.T. companies had not realized this at first, until several such copyright issues were noticed through hidden cameras. It was then that security measures were put in place in many I.T. companies, and today several top companies do not allow camera mobile phones to be carried into the work area.

One must make good use of technology, and make sure that such devices do not fall into the wrong hands. There should be complete verification on the motif of use for a customer, before these cameras are sold.


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