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The rapid progression of Saudi telecom companies

September 14, 2012

Communication tools are essential for every business. Excellent cabling and telephone infrastructure solutions need to be in place, for effective day to day communication with clients. Therefore, an employee needs to have a high degree of knowledge, experience and integrity for providing quality telecom solutions to one’s business.

On site cable and telephone solution providers need to have many years of developmental experience. Proven management techniques, along with standard established procedures are necessary to ensure that communication projects are completed as per deadlines and budgets. In today’s competitive global market, it is necessary to get cost effective telecom, structured cabling and IT solutions customized as per business sizes and sectors. Cabling solutions allow rapid communication of parent computers with associated systems and networks, whether present within or outside the enterprise. Additionally, advanced cabling systems facilitate secure and loss-free transfer of audio and video data packets.

There have been many breakthroughs in technology, which has led to rapid growth of telecom UAE. Several organizations are currently vying to provide high-end telecom solutions, which has also helped this sector to grow. At the initiation phase, Project Managers conduct surveys on the company’s requirements, to understand the type of solutions and the level of complexity involved. To get connectivity between structure cabling, communication rooms and end devices, Active Equipment is necessary, which can be provided by reputed Saudi telecom companies. Different equipments include Ethernet switches, power over Ethernet switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, nics and adapters and KVM switches.

Numerous services are provided by telecom UAE companies. One of these is consultation with respect to diversion of AC power and cabling routes. Vertical cabling between floors, between buildings and equipment rooms, which comes under backbone cabling can also be done. For every project undertaken, a service department needs to be responsible for troubleshooting with systems and networks. Service technicians should have necessary tools and testing equipment necessary for the same. These technicians may also be required for upgrading existing systems. Through maintenance contracts, cover for one’s business along with the assistance of qualified engineers is provided.

Help during emergencies should be available 24 hours a day. Restoration during such outages is quite critical for one’s business. Technicians can achieve system restoration during this period through temporary cable placement and splicing. Saudi telecom companies also provide installation services for different phones. Panasonic PABX business phones are widely used for offices.

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Abia Bari is an experienced writer having more than four years of experience in writing articles on various topics such as Telecom UAE ,Telephone UAE,Saudi telecom Panasonic Dubai etc.

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